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GPB's Latest

Antiques Roadshow - Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital city is brimming with antique and vintage finds including an 1844 “Bellows Falls” LDS church hymnal, a 1914 Olaf Carl Seltzer oil on board and a 1969 prototype Hot Wheels “Beach Bomb.” Can you guess which came in at $100,000-$150,000? Monday, April 3 at 8 PM

April 3, 2017

Today on On Second Thought

We hear about how redevelopment can make neighborhoods unaffordable, driving out long-time residents. Listen today at 9 AM or streaming live at

April 3, 2017

Political Rewind

Tune in for Political Rewind today at 2 PM on GPB Radio as host Bill Nigut reviews the week in politics and what's ahead.

April 3, 2017

Win a Stay at the King and Prince!

Support GPB now to give our Spring Fund Drive a head start and you’ll automatically enter our drawing to win a St. Simons Island Getaway for Two!

April 3, 2017

A Georgia Manufacturing Company Needed Help

Someone from the government answered the call, and now a bright young engineer has a new career.

April 3, 2017

From Risking His Life To Saving Lives, Ex-Coal Miner Is Happy To Take The Paycut

Growing up the son of a coal miner in southern West Virginia, David Wiley saw the downside of the profession up close. His father had been injured in the mines, lost several fingers and damaged his knees and back. "He was just really beat up," Wiley says. So when it came to find his own line of work, Wiley says he had no desire to work in the coal mines. For a couple of years after high school, Wiley tried his hand at manufacturing and welding jobs in the neighboring state of North Carolina. But when Wiley decided to return to West Virginia in his early 20s, the job opportunities were few and far between, and when he received a job offer to work in the mines for a starting wage of $22 an hour, the pay was too good to pass up. "I was excited," says Wiley, "that's really good money for anybody. A young kid like me, I'd never made that kind of money." Wiley worked the overnight shift, beginning at 11 p.m. and clocking out at 7 a.m. and spent his nights scooping up spilled coal, helping to
April 23, 2017

In French Election, Established Politicians Are Out

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit RAY SUAREZ, HOST: We start the show in France where polls have now closed in the first round of the French presidential election. And most of the projections say the centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen will meet in the runoff in two weeks' time. The conservative Francois Fillon conceded defeat and said he would be voting for Macron in the second round. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley joins us now from Paris. Eleanor, you were in Macron headquarters when the first projections came in. What was the atmosphere like? ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: That's right, Ray. Well, let me just play a little tape here. As they usually do, every presidential election, they announce the results on the nightly news, and they do a countdown, and then the two top winners come up. And this is that happening. UNIDENTIFIED CROWD: (Cheering). BEARDSLEY: So Ray, people just exploded in joy. It's not like it wasn't expected, but now it's real. SUAREZ:
April 23, 2017

#NPRpoetry Naturally Goes Outside For Some Earth Day Inspiration

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit RAY SUAREZ, HOST: Now let's take a moment to appreciate some of the poetry that's been coming in this month as part of our celebration of National Poetry Month. We've been asking you, our listeners, to tweet 140-character-or-less poems using the hashtag #NPRpoetry. So far, we've had submissions about love and break-ups, politics, road trips, even DNA. We've gotten Earth Day-appropriate submissions, like this from Barry Goodmann in Northern New Jersey. (Reading) I look for poems in the field and pull out dandelions. Every morning, they grow back and sing revise, revise. I know the feeling, Barry. Thanks for your poem. Here's one from Phil Boiarski, who's back tweeting poems with us for the second year in a row. Here's one (reading) take to the woods to escape the world. Emerald light blue in the sky, violets and bluets kiss my boots. Bloodroot catches my eye. Thanks for participating again, Phil. And speaking of familiar faces or rather voices -
April 23, 2017

LA Riot Documentaries Show Dehumanizing Black People Enables Abuses in Policing

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit RAY SUAREZ, HOST: Next Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots. The widespread and violent uprising erupted after four police officers were acquitted in the beating of a black motorist named Rodney King. The assault was captured in a widely shown video. The riots lasted six days and resulted in more than 50 deaths and more than a billion dollars of destruction. Now there are several new TV documentaries to mark the anniversary. We asked NPR TV critic Eric Deggans to take a look at five of them, and I should warn you there's some strong and explicit language in this piece. ERIC DEGGANS, BYLINE: Considering how viral videos have ignited police brutality protests in recent years, I really wanted to see how these five new documentaries told the story of the first time that happened. But the first riot viewers see in National Geographic's documentary "LA 92" isn't the one from the film's title. (SOUNDBITE OF DOCUMENTARY, "LA 92")
April 23, 2017

Looking Ahead At Trump's First 100 Days In Office

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit RAY SUAREZ, HOST: It's shaping up to be a very busy week in American politics, too. President Trump heads toward his 100th day in office as he and the Congress approach a deadline for keeping the government open Friday night. That could hinge on a showdown over the president's desire to fund the building of a border wall. NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving is with us now. Hi, Ron. RON ELVING, BYLINE: Good to hear your voice, Ray. SUAREZ: Mr. Trump was elected with a pretty robust agenda for what he would do in his first 100 days but much of it has been stalled. Now the president calls that 100-day mark a ridiculous standard. Does he have a point? ELVING: What's ridiculous is the level of anticipation for what is essentially an imaginary mark on the calendar. But look, the president wants it both ways here. He says it's silly, and then he says he's accomplished more in just 90 days than any administration in history. And he says he's
April 23, 2017
Right Here

Get The Scoop

In this edition of Right Here we visit Cherry Street Scoops, a new ice cream store in Downtown Macon.

April 3, 2017
Right Here

A Farm On A Mission

In this edition of Right Here we visit AF Farms, a hydroponic greenhouse in the heart of the city.

April 3, 2017
Georgia at Work

Metro Atlanta Jobless Rate Drops To Pre-Recession Levels

It’s hard to remember when, exactly, the metro Atlanta jobless rate was under five percent, but believe it or not it was way back in 2007.

April 3, 2017
Education Matters

DES Tigers Are Roaring About Science Labs!

Dunwoody Elementary School is a DOE Georgia STEM Certified School. The Science Lab uses STEM challenges and experiments, documented in each student’s journal, to enrich the science and math...

Dunwoody Elementary School is a DOE Georgia STEM Certified School. The Science Lab uses STEM challenges and experiments, documented in each student’s journal, to enrich the science and math...

April 3, 2017
Georgia at Work

A Georgia Manufacturing Company Needed Help, And Guess Who Came To Its Rescue?

It took a personal touch by the DOL office to win over Tony Neja, but after seeing the results of their partnership he’s become a true believer in collaboration.

March 30, 2017

Education Blogs

DES Tigers Are Roaring About Science Labs!

Dunwoody Elementary School is a DOE Georgia STEM Certified School. The Science Lab uses STEM challenges and experiments, documented in each student’s journal, to enrich the science and math...

April 3, 2017

Live Exploration To Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

With this live exploration, students and teachers explore the wonders of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary--without getting wet!

March 29, 2017

Real Life Classroom Management

Managing my co-taught classroom with my co-teacher Amanda Sandifer to teach math and science to fourth graders in the afternoon had become a struggle

March 27, 2017

Education Spotlight

Georgia Race Through Time

Help Savannah and Peaches beat the clock and show off your knowledge of Georgia history with GPB’s new history adventure game!

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