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Small Business Means Big Business in Coastal Georgia: National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is being celebrated this week, from April 30 – May 6.

“It’s a national recognition of what great things small business owners and entrepreneurs do for our country, for our local economy,” explained Tony O’Reilly, president of the Small Business Assistance Corporation, or SBAC, a non-profit based in Savannah.

“Small business isn’t exactly as small as most people might think,” he said. “Small business right now is defined as a company that might have less than 500 employees, less than $7 million net worth on their balance sheet, that sort of thing. So that’s a very sizable business and that would include about 95% of all businesses in our region.”

O’Reilly noted that over half of the small businesses in the Savannah area are micro-businesses and said there are thousands of one-person, self-employed businesses. “We have a particular interest in having them grow.”

“The Savannah region and the lowcountry, for our population, is very fortunate to have a lot of resources that support growing small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs,” he continued. “Inside that network, SBAC focuses on creating better access to capital or loan money to help these businesses grow, survive and start up.”   

Additionally, The University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center has offices in Savannah and Brunswick where they offer courses aimed at helping people learn about creating and planning their own businesses

Click here to learn more about the Small Business Assistance Corporation in Savannah, including links to other resources available for would-be entrepreneurs in our community.